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  • The Exhibition
    Showcasing innovative biotechnologies, solutions and products from major local, regional and international biotechnology companies.
  • The Conference
    Participants will be able to gain insight from world renowned biotechnology scientists, key policy makers and captains of the biotechnology industry.
  • BioInnovation Awards
    Honouring scientists and researchers from the private and public sector for outstanding achievements in research and development of biotechnology.
  • Amazing Line Up of Speakers
    The Conference will bring together world and regional leaders, experts, scientists and investors to converge, meet and share their knowledge.

The Gateway to Asia Pacific's Biotechnology Market

Since 2005, BioMalaysia & Bioeconomy Asia Pacific 2014 have evolved into one of the premier and largest international biotechnology conference and exhibition in this region. The event comprises of an international conference, a 300-booth trade exhibition, business partnering programme, workshops, and industry meetings.

Every year, the conference brings together a broad array of local and international speakers to share in-depth knowledge on new policies, technologies, and development in the fast growing bioeconomies of the region. Besides sharing of country experiences, the conference also discuss on challenges and opportunities. Held over two days covering focused tracks on Industrial Biotechnology, Biomedical, Agro biotech, and Policy & Ecosystem, BioMalaysia & Bioeconomy Asia Pacific 2013 conference concluded successfully with 70 local and international speakers and more than 300 participants from the region and beyond.

The trade exhibition features biotechnology companies, manufacturers and distributors, infrastructure providers, universities and research institutions, exhibiting their latest discoveries, products, and cutting-edge solutions. This is the annual business networking platform where deals are sealed, and new business partnerships or research collaborations are forged. The exhibition attracts an average of 10,000 trade visitors annually, and is the perfect business meeting place for the agro biotech,

The Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre


Set in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's Golden Triangle, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KL Convex) is a self-contained city within a city where it is surrounded by luxurious hotels, office skyscrapers, shopping malls and many other attractions. A place well known for holding industry-standard events all year through, KL Convex is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies available.
How to Getting There »

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    Largest trade exhibition on biotechnology

    More than 10,000 trade visitors from every region are expected to visit this international showcase that will feature breakthrough inventions from more than 350 leading corporations, research institutions, universities, government agencies and prominent individual researchers.

    Exhibits will include products and solutions for Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Food & Beverage, Environment, Water and Wastewater Management, Manufacturing and Bio-Processing, Forestry, Mining, Biochemical and Biofuel.

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    Start Your BUSINESS MATCHING Right Now

    Preparing for the exhibition can be overwhelming and we understand that the busy schedules ahead of you. Finding the correct partners is key to successful collaborations and business outcomes. To ensure you have positive return in your investment, we have a Business Matching/Partnering program set up for you. You can even set up meetings before the event!

    Business matching or partnering is a process whereby relevant, potential investors are matched to your goals and targets. Its to explore new deals and potential investors from diversified biotechnology sectors for your business expansion, research collaborations or business partnerships; our business matching centre onsite